Breast Cancer Specialist and Oncologist

When it comes to breast health, finding the right specialist is crucial for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Dr. Seema Singh, a highly skilled and renowned Breast Cancer Specialist and Oncologist. With her extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Dr. Seema Singh has been leading the way in breast cancer care, bringing hope and healing to numerous patients.

Specialized Expertise

After undergoing extensive training and gaining practical experience, Dr. Singh has developed her expertise to accurately diagnose and treat various breast conditions, including breast cancer Dr. Seema Singh is a dedicated specialist focused exclusively on breast health and cancer care.

Compassionate Care

Dr. Singh understands the emotional and physical challenges that come with a breast cancer diagnosis. She approaches each patient with empathy, ensuring they feel supported and cared for throughout their journey.

Cutting-edge Treatment Options

Dr. Singh stays updated with the latest advancements in medical technology, allowing her to provide the most innovative treatment options for breast cancer. She customizes treatment plans for each patient, ensuring they receive the best possible care and outcomes.

Patient Education and Empowerment

Dr. Singh believes in empowering her patients with knowledge. She takes the time to educate them about their diagnosis, treatment options, and lifestyle choices, enabling them to actively participate in their care decisions.

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Why Choose Dr. Seema Singh for Breast Cancer Care?

Best Treatment for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has different stages, and several factors determine the stage, such as the tumor’s size and location. To get the best treatment for Breast Cancer, visit a Breast Cancer Specialist in Ghaziabad, like Dr. Seema Singh. Dr. Singh will carefully examine your breasts and inquire about your health history. She will conduct various tests to understand your condition better. 

These tests may include:

  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasonography,
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) scanning
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Based on the test results, Dr. Singh will guide you in making the right decision. Utilizing her years of experience, she will provide you with expert consultation and personalized advice.

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Taking charge of your breast health starts with seeking expert care. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Seema Singh, the leading Breast Cancer Specialist in Ghaziabad, and take the first step towards a healthier, happier future. Contact us now to book your appointment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Breast cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth and division of breast cells. It starts in breast tissues, where mutated cells form a mass called a tumor. 

    While it can affect anyone, women have a higher risk of developing it compared to men.

    The good news is that breast cancer can be cured with the right treatment and guidance from a cancer specialist. Dr. Seema Singh, a breast cancer specialist in Ghaziabad, can help you detect breast cancer early and provide advanced diagnosis and treatment. By personalizing treatments based on a better understanding of the disease, the chances of curing breast cancer are significantly improved.

    Breast cancer symptoms vary from person to person. If cancerous cells develop in your breasts, you may notice the following possible signs:

    • Changes in breast size or shape
    • Small lumps or masses
    • Breasts or underarms have a lump or feel thicker than usual
    • Marvel-like hardening area under the skin
    • Nipple discharges blood-stained or clear fluid
    • Breast or nipple skin that looks or feels different
    • Redness on your breasts or nipples

    It is possible to have breast cancer without noticing any symptoms. If you are uncertain about the possibility of breast cancer, seek guidance from a Breast Cancer Specialist in Ghaziabad, like Dr. Seema Singh, to address your concerns and receive proper care.

    First, examine your breasts and the areas just below your armpits. It’s important to pay attention to any changes, even if they seem minor. Watch out for signs like peaking, puckering, dimpling, lumps, or alterations in shape or size.

    When checking for symmetry, examine different areas, both side-to-side and top-to-bottom. To detect breast lumps effectively, perform the examination while lying down. Use your right hand to feel your left breast and then your left hand to feel your right breast. If you experience any symptoms, seek advice from a breast cancer specialist in Ghaziabad.

    At different times in life, you might have sore nipples, which could make you wonder if it’s a sign of breast cancer. However, breast cancer is rarely the main reason for nipple pain. Still, it’s essential to see a doctor for a consultation to find out if there’s a treatable cause for the discomfort. If you’re experiencing persistent nipple pain, it’s a good idea to visit a breast cancer specialist in Ghaziabad to get proper evaluation and care.